Basics of Theory of Machines


National level Quiz on “Basics of Theory of Machine”

For all ME (2nd, 3rd& 4thYear) students

Date: 16/07/2020

The YANTRA-X society of Mechanical Engineering Department has organize  the National level Quiz on “Basics of Theory of Machine” on 11-07-2020, in association with The Institution of Engineers (India), Gorakhpur Local Centre, for all the students of ME Department(2nd,3rd& 4thYear), through which we can judge the knowledge of our students. This quiz was prepared by Mr. Purushottam Mishra, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Buddha Institute of Technology, GIDA. The event took place as per the following schedule.

Number of Students Participated: 199 (Including students of other colleges)



Faculty Coordinator (ME)                                                                        HOD (ME)

Ms. Abhinav Anand Sinha                                                                  Mr. Shariq Hayat

Mr. Nitin Tripathi