Inauguration of “Euphony” (The Musical Band of BIT)

Inauguration of  “Euphony” (The Musical Band of BIT)

The EDA Department added one more feather in the CAP of BIT by constituting a Musical Band, EUPHONY. The maiden concert by EUPHONY was inaugurated by Professor J.P. Gupta on April 23, 2016. The Band members enthralled the audience consisting of faculty members and students by their beautiful rendition of songs and music. The band will give opportunities to the students to show case and hone their musical acumen. A brief summary of the event is given below:

Summary of EUPHONY Concert   

Date of Event: APRIL 23, 2016          Start Time: 11:30 am                     Concluded at: 12:00 pm

Chief Guest:                Prof  J.P.Gupta

Chief Co-Curricular Coordinators: 1. Mrs. Pinky Pandey            2. Er. Ravi K Srivastava

Key Facilitator: Mr.Anup Kumar Srivastav

Report prepared by:

  1. Er. Ravi K Srivastava:
  1. Mrs. Pinky Pandey: