New Year Party Organized On 25-01-2020

The event of the New Year party was organised on 25 Jan which comprised of various performance of the students of our institute and the speech of the director of our institute Mr HN Singh sir in the presence of OSC and faculty members We had pledge ceremony where the students and fraternity of the faculty took oath and pledge for the duties to vote , given by the constitution of our country which has to be followed by each and every citizen of this country. After that various cultural activities happened to celebrate new year 2020.


List of the performance

  • 1- Anubhuti Sagar  ( singing)- CE 1st yr
  • 2- Shraddha Sharma (Dance) – CSE 1st yr
  • 3- Satyam Dubey  (Dance) – diploma 1st yr
  • 4- Sakshi Pandey  (Anchoring) - 1st yr
  • 5- Naman Sinha (Anchoring) – ECE 2nd yr
  • 6- Prashant chaubey (Anchoring) – ME 2nd yr