Science Exhibition by MINITECH

The MINITECH Society of Diploma has organized the Science Exhibition on 26th Sep, 2015, for all the students of ME & CE Department (1st & 2nd year), so that they can increase & brush up their Personality and Skills.

The event took place as per the following schedule:

  • Name of Event: Science Exhibition
  • Date:26/09/15
  • Venue: Workshop & room no 101
  • Event description: science exhibition on workshop
  • Number of Students participated:6
  • Winner Name:
    1. Amul Ranjan Singh (C.E-1st year)
    2. Kishan Kr Gupta (M.E-2nd year)
    3. Deepak Kr Singh(M.E-2nd year)


Mohd Arif Ansari                                                                        RAHUL MANI UPADHYAY

Manish Rai