Seminar on "Environment and Community"

As we know that Environment and community share a symbiotic relationship. They complement each other. The issue becomes more relevant after the series of natural disasters that we witnessed recently like Earthquake, flood and landslides in Uttrakhand is one such example. Rapid industrialization and urbanization has led to intense deforestation resulting in depletion in the water level, depletion of ozone layer, and glaciers are melting. In order to feed the ever expanding population we need greater agricultural yield and hence we are using excessive fertilizers. This has led to the decrease in the natural productivity of soil. Land is becoming infertile. Industrialization has also adversely influenced  air, water and land pollution.  

The Chief Guest of the seminar was Prof. C.P.M. Tripathi, Ex. Head, Dept. of Zoology and Environmental Science, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur. He is a renowned professor and scientist in concerned field. In his address Professor Tripathi said, “Rapid industrialization, urbanization and exploitation of natural resources to feed the growing need of the people have led environmental pollution to alarming stage”. Biodiversity, which is based on natural adjustment of biological components, is passing through the crisis. Further he told that on the earth, existence of life depends on the naturally determined combination among water, air and temperature. Our crop cycle and life cycle continue under its influence and if this combination of the natural components will disturb all this life giving process will be disturbed. At present increasing consumerism in communities, especially in urban and in those rural areas where market is reached, have produced immense pressure on the nature and forced industrial institution to exploit it. We need to check and control our selfish behaviour with nature. Communities need to opt and maintain its traditional cultural measures to deal with environmental challenges.

           Prof. Govind Pandey, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur was key note speaker of the seminar. Addressing to  audience famous environmentalist Professor Pandey  said that  as a population we share around  16 percent of the world population, 4 percent water and near about 2 percent land areas. So if we will not be alert to environmental threats  we will put the life on earth in danger. Professor  Pandey observed many local health, water and agricultural  problems in his address. He described the pitiable condition of a local pond Ramgarh Tal, river Aamy, which has great importance in the life of the common man and the regional chronology. The issue of river Ganga was also touched by him.

Prof. Alak Roy, a veteran scholar and well known academician chaired the seminar. In his presidential speech he emphasized on sustainable development and forestation  on this earth .He also told that we have also to realize the great importance of air ,water and soil for our well being and for our sustainable development.The purpose of the seminar was to realize the audience about the importance of these components of environment . The purpose of ‘PUNYA” was to give this message to present generation about the importance of water, air and soil.

Prof. J.P. Gupta. Ex. Pro. Vice chancellor, D. D. U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur and dean of the institute also delivered his speech and cleared many aspects of the issue regarding environment.

In the beginning of the seminar Prof. Sudhir Agrawal, Director, BIT, GIDA, Gorakhpur, welcome to the all the participants and guest and in the end of the seminar  Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, Head, Dept. of Community Development “PUNYA”  offered vote of  thanks to audience and guests.


The conference was hosted by Dr. Nitu Singh, Assistant Professor (Environmental Science), Dept. of Applied Science and Humanities. Prof. C. M. Prassad, Prof, N. P. Shukla, Prof. H. N. Singh, Eng. Arun Kumar Mishra, Dr. D. K. Dwivedi, Eng. Neeraj Chaubey,  Sri Aswani  Chaturvedi. Dr. Pankaj K. Srivastava, Dr. Latendra K. Srivastava, Dr. Rakesh K. Rai, Smt. Pinky Pandey, Eng. Sachidanand Jashwal, Eng. Sacchinand chaturvedi  also attended and graced the  seminar.

The great support was given by Dr. Vinit Kumar Chaubey, Sri Santosh Tripathi and Shashank Upadhyay of Training and Placement Department and Arjun Yadaw sports department. All the resources were managed by Sri Deepak Agrawal, Administrative officer and Mr. Ankit Dochaniya, T& P Department.  Student volunteer Ankit Tiwari, Deeraj Sharma, Aditya Jaiswal, Nikhil Mishra, Mayank Srivastava, Brijbihari Chaubey, Vikas Sharma also played a very important role to make the occasion successful.