On 1/10/2016 under the auspices of  Mukhauta Club’ has been organized EDA of the week named Swang in which 13 students participated  in this event: 

  1. Abhishek K Gautam ME-1
  2. Shambhavi Mishra IT-1
  3. Kishan ME-1
  4. Moh. Makul- ME-1
  5. Abhishek Pandey ME-1
  6. H. N. Singh ME-1
  7. Panne Lal Kushwaha -1
  8. Ritu Singh- ME-1
  9. Vipin Singh CS-1
  10. Abhishek Pandey CS-1
  11. Ayush Srivastava EC-1
  12. Anubhav CS-1

Name of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners are as following:

  1. Shambhavi Mishra IT-1
  2. Anubhav CS-1
  3. Vipin Singh CS-1st

Following students of 2nd year and 3rd year co-ordinated the event

Shubham Pandey CS 3rd, Shubham Dwivedi-CS3rd, Rishabh Kumar ME 2nd Taukeer  Ahmad CS 2nd year.