The MINITECH Society of DIPLOMA (CE & ME) has organized WORKSHOP on 10th of SEPTEMBER, 2016, for all the students of DIPLOMA CE & ME Department (1st,2nd & 3rd Year), Through which we can judge the knowledge of our students.

The event took place as per the following schedule:

  • Name of Event: WORKSHOP
  • Date:  10-09-16
  • Venue: WORKSHOP
  • Judges Name: Mr. Ramprasad Singh, Mr. Satyaprakash Dwivedi
  • Number of Students participated:  14
  • Name of winners:     
    • (I-Winner)    ABHISHEK MADHESIA          Dip. ME-1st Year
    • (II-Winner)   AVINASH KR. SINGH             Dip. ME-1st Year
    • (III-Winner)  ASHUTOSH GUPTA                 Dip. ME-1st Year

Faculty Coordinator                                                                             

Mr. Avanish Chaurasiya(CE)                                                         

Mr. Gaurav  Srivastava  (ME)

HOD (Diploma)

Mr. Abhinav Kr. Srivastava

President: Ayush Kr. Srivastava (CE- 3rd Year)                         

Secretary: Saurabh Pandey           (CE- 3rd Year)

Chief Co curricular Coordinator

Mr. Rahul Mani Upadhyay

Mr. Ranjeet Singh