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The department has following labs:

  1. Engineering Chemistry
  2. Engineering Mechanics
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Computer Programming
  5. Workshop
  6. Computer Aided Engg. Graphics
  7. Physics Lab
  8. Professional Communication Lab

Engineering Physics Lab

The lab is equipped with the experimental set ups of He – Ne laser, Fresnel’s bi-prism, single slit diffraction, Polarimeter, polarization, Hall effect, energy band gap using four probe, optical fiber, spectrometer with grating, Newton’s ring, Nodal slide, Hysteresis and that for electro chemical equivalent. The lab is designed o cater to the needs of B. Tech students in experimental know how with its technical potentialities in Engineering Physics.

Chemistry Lab

The lab is well equipped with latest equipments and instruments like PH meter. Condenstivity meter, Nephelothubidy meter, spectrophotometer meter, Heating oven, magnetic stirrer, Round Hot Plate, Water Bath, Scientific and Digital Balance to conduct analysis for various organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

PC Lab

The use of effective communication is a result of the language lab. Proficiency is really a subject of constant practice, endeavor and efforts. The language lab of the institute has all the needful facilities to improve the skills of engineering students.

Graphics Lab

The Engineering Graphics Laboratory allows for the development of skills in the use of drafting tools such as the drafting machine, compass, dividers, pens and pencils, and templates and scales. Students are also taught about the application of computer for drawing, design and drafting.