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National Conference on “Innovative
Researches in Engineering & Technology”

on 25-26 March ,2017

The Buddha Institute of Technology (BIT) was set up by Peoples Education Society (PES) under the guidance of Chairman Dr.R.A. Agrawal (Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon) in the year 2009.
BIT is situated along Gorakhpur- Lucknow National Highway # 28 and at a distance of 10 kms from Gorakhpur railway station, and 12 kms from airport.
It imparts quality technical education by providing conducive environment of high standard to mould young minds. The institute is making foray into the newer areas of academic endeavors in tune with the changing times.
Life at BIT is blend of sincerity, hard work and fun. Campus life is vibrant and full of enthusiasm. The caring nature of the students and staff and the culture of respecting the sentiments of one another promote the healthy growth of the students. We believe in active learning system and participative teaching methodologies. With the class
room teaching for imparting the theoretical/practical and conceptual knowldge, the group learning through different techniques are also encouraged to enhance various skills, abilities and efficiencies in the communication, leadership, logical analysis etc. among the students to make them capable of coping up with the challenges emerging out of the changing environment of industries and trade.

About COLLOQUY -2017
Buddha Institute of Technology has taken initiative to conduct a national conference entitled, “COLLOQUY-2017” under the banner of “Innovative Researches in Engineering & Technology”. Over the past decade, we are witnessing remarkable advances and tremendous growth of new technologies that are changing world very fast .The impact of engineering and technology on every sphere of human activities is stupendous these days. The purpose of this conference is to provide a vibrant platform for a wide cross section of working professionals and researchers to interact and exchange useful ideas, and impart guidelines on technical research and
development around the world.

“COLLOQUY 2017” is a national level conference organized to explore a broad spectrum of technical topics of substance, interest and relevance under the following categories.

Computer Science & Information Technology

1)Embedded System 2)Augmented Reality 3)Natural Language Processing 4)Genetic Algorithm 5)Cloud Computing 6)Bio-Inspired Computing 7)Semantic Web 8)Mobile computing and Data Intensive Computing 9)Soft Computing including multi-criteria Analysis 10)Artificial Intelligence 11)Big Data Analytics 12)Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery 13)Information Retrieval 14) Image & Video processing 15)Soft Computing 16)Software Engineering 17)Virtual Reality 18)Open Source 19)Cyber Laws 20) Impact of Digital marketing on Indian economy.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

1) 4G Technology 2)Mobile Satellite Communication 3)Future of Mobile Technology 4)Optoelectronics 5)Night Vision Technology 6)Renewable Energy & Environment Protection 7)Smart City Development in India-Concept & Challenges 8)Embedded Systems 9) Broadband Communication 10) Circuits and Systems 11) Analog and mixed signal design 12) Digital System Design 13) Bio-medical Electronics 14) Nano- electronics 15) Microelectronic System 16) Electronic Materials 17) Design and Implementation of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) 18) System-on-a-Chip 19) Computer and Intelligent Communication
20) Optical Communication 21) Wireless Sensor Networks 22) Network Security 23) Advanced VLSI Systems.

Mechanical Engineering

1)Application of Nano Technology in healthy monitory treatment 2)Power Generation using nano-carbon tubes 3)Cryogenic Engines 4)Application of CAD software (Catia ,ProE) and designing softwares. 5)Automatic Transmission in Automobiles 6)Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators 7)Gear Fault detection in gear box using oil conditioning monitoring 8)Improvisation during the last two decades in passenger cars 9)Advanced radiator concepts and smart materials 10)Recent trends in Mechanical Engineering 11)Kinematics/dynamics of Robotics Manipulators. 12) Robotic Application: Present & Future 13) Non-conventional energy resources.

Civil Engineering
1) Road Safety scheme and Public Transportation Planning 2) Advances in Geotechnical Engineering 3) Foundation Design 4) Soil Structure interaction and land contamination
5) Structural Dynamics and control 6) Water resource Planning and management 7) Ground & Surface Water Hydrology 8) Environmental Geotechniques 9) Waste water management 10) Green / Low cost building 11) Remote Sensing and Application 12) Infrastructure Development 13) Application of Numerical Techniques and modern computational Methods in Civil Engineering 14) Earthquake Engg –seismic risk reduction in NCR region 15) Evolution of Skyscrapers 16) Passive Solar Building 17) Pavement Evaluation and maintenance 18) Tunnel Engineering –Analysis of Tunnel/Rock slope 19) Disaster management & mitigation 20) Risk Management in Infrastructure –contract Management 21) Railway Engineering, its advances and applications 22) Advanced surveying techniques and application 23) G.I.S. Technology and application


1 The paper should comprise of a maximum five pages and comply with the IEEE format. Based on the contents of the papers, an experts committee will select the papers for inclusion in the final presentation. 2) For presentation, a time slot of 10 minutes + 5 minutes (for Q&A) will be given to each team. 3) A soft copy of the final paper is to be sent through e-mail before the designated date. 4) In the mail please address following information; Title, Name(s) of Authors, contact number as well as e-mail addresses.    5) All paper should be in IEEE Format.

Important Dates:
31 Jan, 2017 : Last date of paper submission
10 Feb, 2017 : Notification of acceptance
20 Feb, 2017 : Last Date of Registration and submission of revised manuscript  

25-26 March ,2017 : National Conference Days

Registration Fee:


Amount (Rs.)

Students/Research Scholar


Delegates for Academia/Industry


MAIL US AT: researchbitgkp@gmail.com

ACCOMMODATION: Limited accommodation is available on the shared basis to outstation participants (only) at nominal cost if overnight stay is required. Participants are required to communicate the same to the organizing team via e-mail (researchbitgkp@gmail.com ) well in advance & prior confirmation of availability would be provided.

Chief Patron : Dr. R.A. Agrawal (Chairman PES)

Patron : Dr. Rajat Agrawal ( Secretary PES)

Convener : Prof. Alak Roy (Dean Civil Engg.)

Organizing Secretary : Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra (Ch. R. Cord.)

Mobile: 9935744095

Guest Speakers :

  1. Mr. N. N. Rai (Director, Central Water Commission, India
  2. Dr. Devendra Mohan (Prof. CE, IIT, BHU)
  3. Dr. A. K. Agrawal (Prof. ME, IIT, BHU)
  4. Dr. M. K. Meshram (Asso. Prof. ECE, IIT BHU)
  5. Prof. A. K. Verma (Prof. CSE, Thapar University, Patiala)
  6. Dr. D. K. Singh (Director, Govt. Engg. College, Azamgarh)
  7. Dr. B. N. Rai (Prof. K. N. I. T. Sultanpur)
  8. Dr. R. K. Chauhan (Asso. Prof. MMMUT,Gorakhpur)
  9. Dr. S. P. Singh (Asso. Prof. MMMUT, Gorakhpur)

Advisory Board:

  1. Dr. S.P. Singh (Associate Professor MMMUT)
  2. Dr. N.K. Saxena (Prof. & HOD KNIT Sultanpur )
  3. Dr. Prashant Kumar Pandey (Prof. AITM, Lucknow)
  4. Dr. Santosh Kumar Jha (Prof. MUST, Sikar, Rajasthan)
  5. Dr. R. P. Mishra (Director, AITS Haldwani Nainital)
  6. Prof. Alak Roy (Dean, Civil Engineering)
  7. Prof. Jai Prakash (Dean, Physics )
  8. Prof. Hriday Narayan Singh (Registrar)
  9. Prof. N. P. Shukla (Dean, Applied Science)
  10. Prof. D. N. Srivastava (Dean, Mechanical)
  11. Dr. Dilip Kumar Diwedi (Dean Academic)

Technical Committee:

  1. Prof. Alak Roy (Dean Civil Engg.)
  2. Mr. Vijay Kumar Srivastava (HOD-CE)
  3. MS. Saumya Srivastava ( CE)
  4. Mr. Sachidanand Chaturvedi (HOD-CS&IT)
  5. Mr. Saurabh Sing (CS)
  6. Mr. Ranjeet Singh (CS)
  7. Mr. Devendra Nath Srivastava (Dean ME)
  8. Mr. Alok Kumar Pandey (HOD-ME)
  9. Mohd. Tauheed (ME)
  10. Mr Sachchidanand Jaiswal (HOD-EC)
  11. Mr. Anil Kumar Chaudhary (E C)
  12. Mr. Satyam Shukla (EC)
  13. Mr. Amit Kumar (EC)

Student Coordinators:

  1. Mr. Abhishek Sharma (EC)
  2. Mr. Akhilesh Chaudhary (EC)
  3. Mr. Abhinav Mishra (ME)
  4. Mr. Abhishek Mani Tripathi (ME)
  5. Mr. Ashish Kumar Singh (CE)
  6. Mr. Mandeep Kumar (CE)
  7. Mr. Sachin Gupta (CS)
  8. Mr. Abhishek Tripathi (CS)




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