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Buddha Institute of Technology offered: M.Tech / B.Tech / Diploma 


An engineer is a problem solver. Engineers use their knowledge to provide solutions to complex situations. Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines anything from rockets to mobile phones, from big dams to small homes and even in health services like knee replacements. Engineering is not just about 'fixing things', it is about understanding how and why things work.

Engineering is an exciting career. Engineers achieve great things. Throughout history, people working in engineering have contributed to their communities, countries, colleagues and civilizations by making tools, machines and countless other things to help people improve their lives and progress onto better things.

Being an engineer means you get to be the first to develop or try out new technologies like artificial hearts, developing and delivering better constructed environmentally sustainable buildings like the first undersea house.

Engineers design and build virtual reality worlds viz. soccer fields or new planets. Engineers discover and patent new materials that can cure cancer or cure the common cold. Engineers are involved in making the future a reality.

Flexibility and effective time management skills are key skills engineers need to manage and work. Because engineers have good income and have a good work-life balance, engineers get to enjoy their different hobbies and interests. An engineering career is very well paid which means engineers have the financial security that allows them to really enjoy life.



Computer Science Engineering (18 Seats)

Electronics & Communication Engineering (18 Seats)



Civil Engineering (120 Seats)

Computer Science Engineering (60 Seats)

Electronics & Communication Engineering (120 Seats)

Information Technology (60 Seats)

Mechanical Engineering  (120 Seats)



Civil Engineering (120 Seats)

Mechanical Engineering  (120 Seats)

AKTU CODE - 525 (B.Tech./M.Tech)

BTEUP - 4087/491 (DIPLOMA)