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International Conference on IoT, Communication and Automation Technology

The Second ICICAT-2024 Conference will organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering, Buddha Institute of Technology, Gorakhpur, India. The conference is technically Co-sponsored by IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section, India. Uttar Pradesh Section is located in Region 10 and is represented at the India Council. IEEE UP Section interfaces with industries and academia through various technical and humanitarian activities. Conference Proceedings will be abstracted and indexed by IEEE Xplore.
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Gorakhnath Temple

Gorakhpur takes its name from Gorakhnath, who was a saint and travelled widely across India and authored a number of texts that form a part of the canon of Nath Sampradaya. The Gorakhnath Math is a temple of the Nath monastic group of the Nath tradition. The Nath tradition was founded by guru Matsyendranath. This math is situated in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh within a large premises. The temple performs various cultural and social activities and serves as the cultural hub of the city.


Maghar is a town and a nagar panchayat in Sant Kabir Nagar district in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kabir, the 15th century poet-saint, who’s samadhi made by Hindus and mazaar by Muslims lie next to each other. In fact, Maghar was historically called ‘Margharan’, which means abduction on the way. As a result, no one wanted to come to the town. Once, a saint who was troubled by dacoits cursed the town saying, it will be a barren land which will yield nothing to loot. It is said that Kabir meditated here and it rained. That day onwards, Maghar was no more a barren land. Further, Kabir even decided to die in Maghar so that this belief about going to hell was broken.

Lumbini, Nepal

Lumbini has a number of older temples, including the Mayadevi Temple, and various new temples, funded by Buddhist organisations from various countries, have been completed or are still under construction. Many monuments, monasteries and a museum, and the Lumbini International Research Institute are also within the holy site. Also, there is the Puskarini, or Holy Pond, where the Buddha's mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth and where he had his first bath. At other sites near Lumbini, earlier Buddhas were, according to tradition, born, then achieved ultimate Enlightenment and finally relinquished their earthly forms.


The legendary city of Ayodhya, popularly identified as the present-day Ayodhya, is the birthplace of the Hindu deity Rama of Kosala Kingdom and setting of the great epic Ramayana. Owing to the belief as the birthplace of Rama, Ayodhya (Awadhpuri) has been regarded as first one of the seven most important pilgrimage sites (Mokshdayini Sapt Puris) for Hindus.[5] Owing to the belief as the birth place of Ram, Ayodhya has been regarded as one of the seven most important pilgrimage sites for Hindus.

Geeta Press

Gita Press is a unit of Gobind Bhawan Karyalaya registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (presently governed by the West Bengal Societies Act, 1960). The institution’s main objective is to promote and spread the principles of Sanatana Dharma, the Hindu religion among the general public by publishing Gita, Ramayana, Upanishads, Puranas, Discourses of eminent Saints and other character-building books & magazines and marketing them at highly subsidised prices. The institution strives for the betterment of life and the well-being of all. It aims to promote the art of living as propounded in the Gita for peace & happiness and the ultimate upliftment of mankind.


Kushinagar and Kasia Bazar is a town and a historical place located in the north-eastern marginal area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. The name “Kasia Bazar” has been changed to Kushinagar and after that “Kasia Bazar” has officially become a municipality with the name “Kushinagar”. This is a Buddhist pilgrimage where Gautam Buddha had Mahaparinirvana. Kushinagar is located on National Highway 28, about 50 km east of Gorakhpur. There are many beautiful Buddhist temples here. For this reason, it is also an international tourist destination where Buddhists pilgrims from all over the world come for excursions. After the Kushinagar town and eastwards, Bihar state starts about 20 km