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We are very glad that our project has been selected in CSTUP .This selection helped us to be more innovative and to develop more ideas and projects in future. The prime purpose of the project is to develop a system in which the system asks the voter to present his fingerprint as a biometric signature. The project converts the data into binary, reads the biometric signature and verifies it with previously obtained data from the database. If the details present in the database are same as that which is previously stored, the machine allows the person to enter and poll his vote. If the print does not match with previous data, the system activates the security mechanism and the security personnel can take the actions.




In this day, Air and Sound pollution problem increase day-to-day. It is most important to control air and sound quality for better future and healthy life. Here we use gecko software for check current air quality as well as sound quality in particular areas with the help of IOT. System uses air sensors to sense the harmful gases in the atmosphere and transmit this data to microcontroller. Also system helps to measuring sound level and reports it to the online server using IOT. The sensors interact with microcontroller and transmit this data over the internet.

This allows authorities to monitor air pollution and sound pollution in different areas and take action against this pollution. If system detects air quality and noise quality then it alerts authorities. So they can take action against this problem


3-Vehicle Accident Prevention

The aim of our project is to find the vehicle accident location by sending a message using a system which is placed inside the vehicle system. The purpose of this work is to find spot of vehicle where the accident is occur. Most of the times we don't know about where the accident is actually occurred or if accident happens then we cannot be able to present at the accident location so in this project we will find accident spot in order to rescue the injured person. First, we need to know that where the case of accident is actually happen and that is done through location tracking and then a SMS is send to your related one. GPS and GSM modules are used in this project which can b e used for navigate the vehicle anywhere on the globe. In this project when an accident occur and vehicle tilt then, immediately accelerometer detect the change in axis of vehicle from these it collect some data and sends it to Arduino. The Arduino sends the alert message through the GSM to an authorized mobile number. Through GPS the authorized mobile number gets the exact location of where the accident has occurred and the location is seen with the help of Google map link.



4- Motion Based Message Conveyer for Disabled/Paralytic People

As in India, there are many people who are facing many problems due to their disability. Thus we decided to do this project. In this, we use an Accelerometer as the main part of our project. It is the device which is used to detect the motion. Our main aim of this project is to implement a low cast reliable system which will help to establish communication between paralytic or disabled patients and a nurse. A patient can easily communicate with the nurse through tilting the accelerometer connected to any part of his body which is capable of movement .This direction of tilt sent to a central controller which then initiates communication between the patient where the transmitter is connected and nurse where the receiver is connected and also decides which message is to be transmitted based on that tilt direction. The microcontroller processes the data and display the particular message as per input obtained and display the message on the LCD screen. The patient directly linked to the receiver which is at the nurse side. Along with there are a real time reminder for medicines and an emergency buzzer to simplify the work of the nurse. The patient motion recorder device consists of an RF transmitter in order to transfer the data signals. An RF receiver on the other side receives the data and decodes it before passing it to the microcontroller. Our project provides a reliable, effective and simple important solution to various problems and issues which is faced by nurses and doctors in traditionally communicating with the disabled patients.


5- Signal Jammer Car

This paper deals with the description of mobile phone jammers and RF control car. We can use this car for security purpose . This car is also jams the signal using jammer.  A cell phone jammer is a device That blocks transmission or reception of signals, usually by creating some form of interference at The same frequency ranges that cell phones use. As a result, a cell phone user will either lose the signal or experience a significant loss of signal quality. Mobile jammers  can be used in practically any location, but are used in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive like Temples, Libraries, Hospitals, Cinema halls, schools & colleges etc. The intention of this project is to reduce human victims in terrorist attacks., so this problem can be overcome by designing the Arduino based RF controlled car which involves wireless camera, so that from this rivals can be examined when it required. One of the most important things about these robots is that they have the capability to perform missions remotely in the field, without any actual danger to human lives. RF technology is used to control the movement of the robot, by sending command signal from a transmitter to recciver, which interfaced with the Arduino controller, which process the signal and send it to the motor shield which connected to the DC motors to take the desired movement.The task of jamming  a cell signal or preventing cell phone from receiving or transmitting signals is somewhat difficulty. To achieve this task the jammer must high-grade of hopping generator, with good bandwidth. When used, the Jammer effectively disables cellular phones. These devices can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected. As a part of an early stage project, it has been the goal of this project to serve as a prototype for such venture having set the paths to a wide range of new opportunities in the field of RF controlled car using arduino. An important side of the project is to build an actual remote car that is subject to wireless operation from a PC or a smart phone. Hence the system is a low cost controller useful in all the fields of life.



6- Voice Control Robot Using Arduino

This robotic is designed to control vehicle by using human voice command through Bluetooth module. VoiceControl Robot is used to complete specific commands like Forward, Backward, Stop, Left, Right and dancing(or rotation of robot) etc. Voice Control Robot is based on Speech Recognition. The commands are given to robot using Android application. The Android application (AMR – Voice) is connected to Bluetooth Module (HC – 05), which is directly connected to Arduino Uno R3. We give command to the robot and it performs workaccording to the given command. Voice Control Robot is much useful for those areas where humans can’t reached. Robot can work in all type of situations like toxic area, in fire situations, polluted area and also on hills. This robot is very useful for those who is physically handicapped. This robot is very small in size so we can usethis  project for spying or espial. If we implement in this project so we can use this robot in military application, agriculture purpose, industrial purpose and also for surveillance device.


7- Driver Drowsiness Detection and Accident Prevention using Eye Blinking Sensor

Vehicle mishaps are generally normal if driving is insufficient. These occur on most factors if the driver is lazy or on the off chance that he is a heavy drinker. Driver's  laziness is perceived as a significant factor in vehicle mishaps. It was  shown that driving execution break down with expanded sluggishness with coming about accidents comprises over 20% of all vehicle mishaps. This task includes measuring and controls the Eye-blink utilizing an IR sensor. The IR transmitter is utilized to transmit the infrared beams to our eyes.


8- Wireless black box for cars using temperature sensor, GSM and GPS module
This model presents a new and modified design of Wireless Black Box used in cars. The causes of Car accidents are not too difficult to investigate as plane crashes but there are the cases that are very difficult to solve due to contradictory stories of drivers. Arduino Nano generates control signals to perform desired instructions. GPS module determines the exact location of the vehicle. Temperature sensor easures internal temperature of the vehicle. Accelerometer calculates the 2 dimensional coordinate axis of the vehicle, if the X and Y axis gets changed from previous points then it indicates that the vehicle suffered an accident. When a message #track* is sent from the registered mobile number then the controller will send the location of the vehicle via SMS. SD card module stores all the information and LCD display shows all information on its screen. Keywords: Accelerometer, Arduino Nano, Black Box, GPS and GSM Module, SD card module, Temperature Sensor.