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Mechanical Engineering


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to provide students with a sound mechanical engineering education and an atmosphere in which they can imbibe corporate sense so that they can cope up with the requirement of the industrial outlook. Department provides the advance understanding and application of mechanical engineering principles, so that they can enhance economic development and improve the quality of life of our citizens through teaching, research, and outreach programs.


Mechanical Engineering finds application in all fields of technology. It is one of the primitive branches of engineering which has remained always in demand and continue to be in the future. This is why Mechanical trade is called as an Evergreen trade (branch). Mechanical engineers have always been needed as essential staff / personnel in various industries of both public and private sector. It has a tremendous scope in automobile engineering, cement industry, steel, power sector, hydraulics, manufacturing plants, drilling and mining Industry, petroleum, aeronautical, biotechnology and many more. With its wide scope of application, mechanical engineers remain always in demand, no matter which part of the world. You can also find job very easily in the following public sector industries such as Indian Railways, Indian Air force (Technical), Indian Army, Thermal power corporations etc .