Debate and Discussion By ACE

Debate and Discussion For all CE (2nd 3rd & 4th Year) students Held on 23rd JAN, 2016.

The ACE society of CE has organized the Debate and Discussion on 23rd JAN 2016, for all the students of CE Department (2nd, 3rd & 4th year), so that they can enhance their professional communication skills.

The event took place as per the following schedule:

  • Name of Event: Debate and Discussion
  • Topic: Science is a Blessing or Curse
  • Date: 23rd Jan 2015
  • Venue: Room no .219
  • Judges Name: Ms.Saumya Srivastav, Mr.Sanjay kumar, Mr.Ankit Gupta
  • Number of Students participated: 25
  • Name of winners:  1st Mandeep kumar (2nd  year), 2nd Abhishek Kumar Singh(2nd  year). 3rd-Ashish kr.Singh(2nd  year).



MANISH  KUMAR  GUPTA                                                RAHUL MANI UPADHYAY