A Report on ESPORTE 2016

Organized by

Department of Extra-Curricular Activities

Buddha Institute of Technology

GIDA, Gorakhpur.

Sports and exercise play an important role in our life as it helps us to remain fit and live longer. They shape and tone our body muscles in such a way that possibilities of muscular sprains are minimized. We all as young people should have no problem in playing outdoor sports and doing exercises to live a healthy life. Apart from giving a proper shape to our body sports and exercises are also good sources of recreation and they give us some kind of freshness in our mind and in our heart.

A brief summary of the event is given below:

Vital Statistics of ESPORTE - 2016

Date of Event: January 29-30, 2016 

Chief Patron:             Prof Sudhir Agrawal

Chief Sports Coordinator: Mr. Sacchidanad Jaiswal (HOD – ECE) &  Mr. Sachidanand Chaturvedi (HOD – CS & IT )

Sports Instructor: Mr Arjun Yadav

Key Facilitators: Please refer ESporte brochure .

DAY 1 : Inauguration

Start Time:                 9:30 am           Concluded at: 4:30 pm

Chief Guest:              Shri Rohit Kumar Sehwag, IPS, Campierganj, Gorakhpur

Guests of Honour:     Hon’ble Chairman Dr. R. A. Agrawal

DAY 2 : Valediction

Start Time:                 2:30 pm           Concluded at: 4:30 pm

Chief Guest:              Shri Vinod K Gaur, SDM, Shajanwa,Gorakhpur

Guests of Honour:     Shri Anil Kumar Rastogi, Tehsildar, Sahjanwa, Gorakhpur.

Guests: Principal of Intermediate school of Gorakhpur.

Report prepared by:

Sachidanand Chaturvedi