Faculty Development Programme on HVPE by AKTU, Lucknow

Faculy Development Programme

Organised by

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow (U.P.)


From:  17 to 24 June, 2017

At Regional Value Education cell

Buddha Institute of Technology,GIDA, Gorakhpur

An eight days Faculty Development Program on “Human Values and Professional Ethics” was organized by AKTU, Lucknow in Seminar Hall of Buddha Institute of Technology from 17/06/2017 to 24/06/2017. In inaugural ceremony Prof. J. P. Gupta, Dean Student welfare, from the host college, Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Coordinator Value Education Cell AKTU, Lucknow, Dr. Ajay Bhushan Prassad, Head, Department of Applied Science and Humanities, Ashoka Institute of Technology, Varanasi, Dr. Divya, Dean Academic, United Group of Institutions, Allahabad, Er. Dhiraj Kumar Singh a co-facilitator from AKTU were distinguished guest in the ceremony.

Total 15 faculty members from various colleges of AKTU affiliated colleges and 34 members from Non-AKTU-society member were participated in the workshop.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, workshop Coordinator, introduced the guests with participant and Dr. Divya introduced the context and purpose of the workshop.

Context of the Workshop: In current world scenario entire existence ie. Individual, Family, Society and the Universe including all the creatures, plants and climate is passing through the many adverse changes causing threats on mutual relations and harmony among them. There are problems at the level of good understanding in relations with the unit to the universe. We can observe the disorganized individuals with many pathological symptoms at behavioural level, increasing mistrust, social insecurity and generation gap, dangerous communal rights, state wars, terrorism, racism, regionalism, gender discrimination, caste conflicts, exploitation of nature, human being and animals, intolerable corruption. Finally we can see the unrest at all levels of existence. All these happen only because people don’t have proper understanding of their relations, needs and happiness. The key institutions like family, government and society only focuses on skill development of individual and groups. They don’t care about the precious human values like love, compassion. care, help, trust, respect, justice and patience without which human life, it’s survival with happiness and peace is impossible. So the value education cell of AKTU, Lucknow emphasizes on value education with skill development. We can understand the concern of the University as it has opened proper cell and developed techniques to educate the faculty members and transmit this education to the students.

In FDP workshop of BIT one new chapter of value education opened. The participants were comprises with not only faculty members but students, their family members and other stake holders of society. It was an endeavour to provide an opportunity to all these three components of our social units sit together and ponder over current challenges of society and entire existence. It is supposed that after this training they will work as an agent of harmony and peace development.     

The daily routine of the program was commenced from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm with three short breaks and an hour lunch program.

Valedictory Session: Honorable Director Prof. Sudhir Agrawal,chief guest of the occasion, gave his sincere thanks to AKTU Vice Chancellor and Coordinator VECELL  Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh and his team for selecting BIT to conduct this workshop and being present here throughout the program as an instructor and invited him to conduct it periodically. In his closing remark Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh thanked all the participants from AKTU affiliated colleges and Non AKTU area for giving their valuable time with full of interest and patient and ready to take responsibility to expand it to students and other members of society. He thanked BIT administration and management for nice hospitality, fooding, lodging, care and quality refreshment. Prof. J.P. Gupta, Dean student welfare, Dr. D. K. Dwivedi, Dean Academic, Shri Deepak Agrawal, Administrative Officer also addressed the participants.

As a Workshop Coordinator I would like to thank Sri Bhanu Pratap Singh for giving me opportunity to conduct this workshop and showing his trust on me. I thank to Dr. Ajay Bhushan, Dr. Divya and Er. Dhiraj Singh for giving their full cooperation from the beginning to end of the program. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Prof. Sudir Agrawal for his administrative support and personal care. Mr. Deepak Agrawal, Administrative Officer, for fooding, lodging and transport facility, Mr. Ankit Dochaniya for maintaining continuous power supply and immediate financial support to buy all the necessary items. I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Alok Kumar Pandey, PA to Director, And Mr. Vivek Kumar Tripathi for their Technical support. Mr. Piyush Mishra, Mr. Hari Singh from store, Mr. Sanjay from Boys hostel and Mrs. Sangita Agrawal from Girls hostel has been very helpful to me. I thank them   for their deep concern with the program and valuable support. Mr. Ankur of Mess and Mr. Prem of canteen gave nice experience of fooding and refreshment I thank them a lot.


Finally I would like to say thanks from deep down of my heart with a little bit of hesitation, because we are well known best friends, to Dr. Vinit Chaubey, Dr. Arun Kumar Pandey, Mr. Suryakant Rai for staying here till late hours as per requirement of the workshop functioning and doing all the paper work and standing with me in all the tuff times.

Organising Team comprises as follows-

  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari-Workshop Coordinator
  • Dr. Vinit Kumar Chaubey- Workshop Co-Coordinator
  • Dr. Arun Kumar Pandey- Workshop Co-Coordinator
  • Mr. Suryakant Rai – Workshop Co-Coordinator
  • Mr. Alok Kumar Pandey (PA to Dir.) – Technical Incharge


Local Programme Co-ordinator

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari

Astt. Professor (ASH)

Contect No:- 9452842232

E.Mail: rakeshsoc@gmail.com