Invitation to students to compete in 8th National Creativity Aptitude Test (NCAT 2019)

International Forum for Excellence in Higher Education 
8th National Creativity Aptitude Test (NCAT 2019)
Dear Sir/Ma’am, 
NCAT 2019 presents a unique opportunity for your college/institute to become a part of the Pan India creativity aptitude test. The NCAT or National Creativity Aptitude Test has been designed by some of the best brains from IITs & IIMs and aims to make students aware of the importance of creative thinking and to encourage them to use the same for various problem-solving exercises. The next creative genius who is destined to be the Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg of India can be among your students and this test will help your students to assess their creative quotient as well as their level of achievement motivation.
NCAT will be conducted in two phases. The first round will be conducted in your college and two top performers will be selected from each category to take the second round of test at New Delhi, Bangalore or Ahmedabad. The 1st round test questions come in the form of multiple choice questions that test a student’s Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Linguistic Skills. The 2nd round will have a mix of MCQs and subjective questions on creativity followed by an activity on achievement motivation. 
Based on course and year of study, students will be divided into following four categories: 
  • Category 1: Students of 1st Year B.Tech/B.Engg./B.Sc./BCA/BBA/B.Com
  • Category 2: Students of 2nd Year B.Tech/B.Engg./B.Sc./BCA/BBA/B.Com
  • Category 3: Students of 3rd Year B.Tech/B.Engg./B.Sc./BCA/BBA/B.Com & 4th Year B.Tech/B.Engg
  • Category 4: Students of 1st & 2nd Year MBA/M.Sc./MCA/M.Tech.
Awards and Accolades
  • For each category winners will receive cash prize as mentioned below: 
    • 1st Prize: Rs. 25,000
    • 2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000
    • 3rd Prize: Rs. 10,000
  • Top Fifteen Performer in each category will get a Residential Certification Course of one week at New Delhi on Creativity and Innovation (Certification from IFEHE).
  • Every student will get a certificate of participation and those with more than 75 percentile will get a certificate of excellence. 
  • Creative Institute Award will be given to one of the participating Colleges/Institutes on the basis of maximum number of Students in the top 10 percentile from the College/Institute.
Some Important Dates 
  • Last Date of Registration: 28-Jan-2019
  • Date of Round 1 exam (at the College/Institute): 23 Feb, 2019
  • Result of Round 1 Exam: 08 Mar, 2019
  • Date of Round 2 Exam
    • For South India: 19-May-2019 (Bangalore*)
    • For North India: 02-Jun-2019 (New Delhi*)
    • For West India: 09-Jun-2019 (Ahmedabad*)
  • Declaration of Winners: 17 Jun, 2019
  • College/Institute may postpone or prepone the date of Round 1 test by 7-10 days from actual date.
The enrollment fee for this test is only Rs. 300 of which Rs. 50 can be retained by the college towards its expenses which includes bank charges, postal charges, and honorarium for the Faculty in-charge etc.
For additional details pertaining to the test, visit or contact Ineesh at +91 9810843341, email:
Lalit Jonwal
+91 9899123519
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* The organisers reserve the rights to change the venue and date of the exams. Institutes will be informed in such case.
* In case you don't want to send the student info form, you can send the details in excel format attached with the mail.