Poster Presentation Competition by BEST

The BEST Society of E.C.E Department has organized the Poster Presentation Competition on 8st of August, 2015, for all the students of E.C.E Department (2nd, 3rd & 4th year), so that they can improve their presentation skills.

The event took place as per the following schedule:

  • Name of Event: Poster Presentation
  • Date: 8th  August 2015
  • Venue: 412
  • Event description: Students participated with enthusiasm and discussed about Digital  India,  basic topic of electronics such as P-N junction biasing, Microprocessor etc.
  • Judges Name: Mr.Ghanshyam Tiwari, Mr.Narendra Chaurasiya, Mr. A. P. Singh            
  • Number of Students participated: 17
    1. Shadab Hussain – EC 2nd Year
    2. Rahil Hussain – EC 2nd Year
    3. Prasad Aditya – EC 2nd Year
    4. Ritika Pandey – EC 2nd Year
    5. Kritika Singh – EC 2nd Year
    6. Divya Srivastava – EC 2nd Year
    7. Shagun  Srivastava – EC 2nd Year
    8. Vijay Laxmi Gupta – EC 2nd Year
    9. Tabssum Khatoon – EC 2nd Year
    10.  Sanjana Srivastava – EC 2nd Year
    11.  Anuradha Tripathi – EC 2nd Year
    12.  Kumari Ritika – EC 2nd Year
    13.  Shivendra Kumar – EC 2nd Year
    14.  Ariba Khanam – EC 2nd Year
    15.  Anamika Mani Tripathi – EC 2nd Year
    16.  Ayushi Pandey – EC 2nd Year
    17.  Km. Mohini  – EC 2nd Year
  • Name of winners: 1. Kritika Singh

                               2. Divya Srivastav

                               3. Ritika Pandey


Shesh Nath Yadav                                                                RAHUL MANI UPADHYAY

Anjali Tiwari