Seminar on Importance of Blood Donation

A seminar on the Importance of Blood Donation was organized on February 18, 2016. Blood donation is one of the greatest services a man does to humanity. Donating blood is saving life of someone in the dire need of it. There are certain misconceptions regarding blood donation among few people and they are skeptical of donating blood. To dispel these misconceptions and encourage people for such a noble act, Key Speaker of the occasion Dr. Suresh Singh (Associate Prof. Azamgarh Medical College, and President of Red Pulse Youth Trust) deliberated upon the various aspects of Blood Donation and answered the queries of the audience. The seminar was presided over by Prof Sudheer Agrawal and attended by Dr K. P Singh, Medical Officer of Sahjanwa PHC, Admin Officer Mr. Deepak Agrawal and all the faculty members and staff of Buddha Institute of Technology.