Seminar on “Refrigeration and air conditioning" held on 24-07-2020


Seminar on “Refrigeration and air conditioning”

For all ME (2nd, 3rd& 4thYear) students

Date: 27/07/2020

The YANTRA-X society of Mechanical Engineering Department has organize the Seminar on “Refrigeration and air conditioning” on 24-07-2020, for all the students of ME Department (2nd, 3rd& 4thYear), through which enhance their knowledge on RAC.

This seminar was given by an expert of refrigeration and air conditioning, Mr. D. N. SRIVASTAVA,(Dean Mechanical) Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Buddha Institute of Technology, GIDA.

This event took place at Google Meet. Participant will get e-certificate of participation.

Number of Students Participated: 108


Faculty Coordinator (ME)                                                                        HOD (ME)

Ms. Abhinav Anand Sinha                                                                  Mr. Shariq Hayat

Mr. Nitin Tripathi