Seminar/ Workshop(ME DEPT.)

The students of Buddha Institute of Technology, GIDA Gorakhpur, belonging to CS-IT, EC and ME took part in various seminar/workshop on 13-14 Oct 2014. Keeping in mind the holistic development of the students, the topics for the events were contemporary to the needs and requirements of the industry. The events were aimed at providing a platform to the students to build and develop their oratory and presentation skill helpful to them in the long run.

In the ME department the topic for the seminar for the students was ‘Latest trends in Mechanical engineering ‘.The 3rd year and final year student enthusiastically participated in the event .they came up with some very interesting and innovative concepts through their presentations. It was a huge opportunity for the audience to learn from the in depth research and analysis of the presenters on the varied topics pertaining to the working of the mechanical tools and equipments belonging to 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers, racing cars etc. Based on the choice of topic, presentation, confidence in delivery the students were given awards in the following order.

1st – Nitin Srivastava & Neetesh Yadav (Final Yr.)

2nd- Ajit Tiwari (3rd Yr.)

3rd- Ajai Verma (Final Yr.)

Consolation prizes were given to Gaurav Rai & Pravin Singh (Final Yr.) & Krishna Kumar Yadav (3rd Yr.)