The BEST society of ECE Department has organized the "Technical Debate" held on 3rd April 2021


The BEST society of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department has organized the "Technical Debate" on the topic ‘Recent Developments in IOT: Good or Bad’

held on 3rd April 2021 for all the students (2nd, 3rd & 4th year).


  • Date of Event: Saturday, 3rd April  2021
  • Venue: Room No. 412
  • Number of participants: 13
  • Result declared :
  1.   Abhinandan Singh- EC 2nd year
  2.   Anuj Pandey- EC 2nd year

Faculty Coordinator                                                                                              HOD (ECE)

Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra  (ECE)                                                                      Mr. A. K. Chaudhary

Mr. Mahesh Kumar Singh (ECE)


President:  Vineet Verma

Secretary : Anuj kumar Pandey