Webinar held on 27-09-2020


Held on  

27th Sep 2020 

Date: 16/Oct/2020 

The BEST society of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department has organized  the Webinar on the topic “SCOPE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENMT IN  INDIA: ROLES, CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES” held on 27th Sep 2020, for all  the students (2nd, 3rd & 4th year). 


Speaker : Mr. Vivek Singh 

(Revenue Officer in North Bihar Power distribution Company Ltd. ) 


The event took place as per the following schedule: 

Date of Event: Saturday, 27th Sep 2020 

Platform : Google meet (Online) 

Starting time: 2:00 PM 

End Time : 3:00 PM 

Number of participants: 67 



Faculty Coordinator                                                                             HOD (ECE)

Mr. Sudhir Shukla (ECE)                                                               Mr. A. K. Chaudhary

Mr. Permendra Kumar Verma (ECE)